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Fix it and Get on with it, Coping with Anxiety When There’s Conflict

Fix it and Get on with it, Coping with Anxiety When There’s Conflict

There are a million and one causes of anxiety and they often differ greatly from person to person. Certain situations trigger anxiety in some people but not in others but one cause that’s a trigger for most of us is conflict. One of the biggest reasons for this is because conflict often snowballs when it’s not dealt with right or not dealt with at all. To take this a step further, conflict doesn’t always mean with other people. Internal conflict

Maybe there’s a part of you that wants to speak up more about something important to family or friends and at the same time another part of you thinks it’s a bad idea to do that so you just continue to keep quiet about it so you’re not a bother to others. News flash, these people care about you and want to hear from you but the hesitation is understood. One way to discuss these topics without feeling like you’re a bother is by talking to a licensed therapist. It’s a big step for most people but those who take this step are one step closer to improving their mental health and getting on with it.

These internal conflicts could be from a loved one, career or a number of other situations. Easier said than done, but we need to put in the work and the effort to fix these conflicts so we can not only relieve this anxiety from ourselves but to improve our relationships with those around us. Improving our relationships is a whole other avenue to reducing anxiety. We talked about conflict snowballing in a negative way earlier but when relationships are improved then that’s typically an indicator of things snowballing in the right direction.

Updated on 2/20/2022: Pastor Kent of Epic Church had a great message today about how to deal with conflict so thought this was the perfect addition to this post. Enjoy!