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Partnering with Lowe's to Build More with Habitat for Humanity

Partnering with Lowe's to Build More with Habitat for Humanity

With the holiday season approaching and in the spirit of National Roof Over Your Head Day, we must keep those in our prayers that don't have a roof over their head and the warmth of a home. Today, there are as many as 100 million people without a roof over their heads across the United States. Working with Habitat for Humanity is our chance to help reduce this number and make a positive impact on so much more. In an effort to maximize our Year-End Challenge of 2023, Lowe's will be matching our contribution to double the impact.  

Does Habitat for Humanity only build new houses?

Many of you probably only know Habitat for Humanity for building new homes for people in need but it is SO much more than that. Families and individuals who partner with them pay affordable mortgages and contribute sweat equity, working alongside volunteers and staff to build homes for themselves and others. This means they are invested in their own success which is equally as beneficial as getting a new home. These new homeowners will take  classes in home maintenance, budgeting and learning how to manage their mortgage. In addition to providing new homes, Habitat offers families a pathway to strenght, stability and self-reliance. But there's more...people can partner with habitat for renovation work as well. Children who suffered from frequesnt respiratory infections can grow up healthier in houses free of mold. Habitat homes give children safe places to study so they can do well in school. Parents who pay affordable mortgages can achieve financial stability and save for their children's education. Often, they are able to go back to school themselves and find better jobs.  

Is there really a National Roof Over Your Head Day?

Yes! Every year, on December 3rd, we observe National Roof Over Your Head Day. The day was created to raise awareness for housing issues and to remind us to be thankful for what we do have—starting with the roofs over our heads. Following closely after Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to gratitude, National Roof Over Your Head Day prompts us to express thanks for our blessings, starting with the shelter provided by the roof over our heads. This emphasis is especially important for those that lack this fundamental necessity. To observe and participate, pick a name or two off of a Christmas Giving Tree at your local church or community center and make someone's holiday a little better. You can also volunteer at or make a contribution to a homeless shelter in your area. Your gift may help someone else be able to have a “roof over their head” when most needed. Use #RoofOverYourHeadDay to post on social media.