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Chosen by Children of World Vision

Chosen by Children of World Vision

Sponsoring children has always been at the top of our list and who better to partner with but World Vision. Through sponsorship, you can help provide essential resources and support for the children’s well-being, including access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and more. For our most recent sponsorships, we decided to empower the children by selecting the “Chosen” sponsorship process. This is where you submit a photo of yourself (photos of our staff in this case) and allow the children to choose their sponsor. Poverty steals choices from kids so we thought it would be special to provide opportunities for children to have a choice and hopefully put a huge smile on their face in the process.


About World Vision

World Vision is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children, families, and communities overcome poverty and injustice. They work in nearly 100 countries, providing aid and development programs to address a wide range of issues, including healthcare, education, clean water, and economic empowerment. World Vision focuses on child well-being and seeks to create sustainable, long-term solutions to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of vulnerable populations. Their mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty and promote the well-being of children, and they are known for their commitment to transparency, accountability, and empowering local communities to build a better future.